Gala Small Rainbow Keffiyeh

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Mini rainbow keffiyeh (middle eastern style scarf), proudly hand-crafted in Rajasthan, India. Ideal for all weather, this small scarf has all the intensity of Tahrir Scarf's rainbow keffiyas at one third the size.

Gala is the miniature of the Sylvia keffiyeh, featuring a trans flag stripe formation woven across pride rainbows. White weave gives this small rainbow scarf a light faded or pastel look, out to its pink and white tassels. 

  • Measures square 0.4 by 1.05 meters.
  • 100% cotton, woven naturally light & gauzy, color-set
  • Light rinsing and air drying will produce softened crinkle-cotton texture. 
  • Queer the kufiya!